Writing Needed

Friends, it feels good to be back! I stepped away from writing for about 3 months while having our 2nd baby, and I have missed it incredibly!

Being away has only affirmed the importance of writing in my mind. I have heard some say there are eyes in pens and pencils, and how true it is! I am convinced we never truly get to know the deepest part of us (the part which begs to be known) until we consistently put ourselves in a quiet place and write. You can finally hear your soul there.

We become dried up, see through, and crusty individuals when we can’t hear our soul.

Words unwritten pile up inside. And when they find no healthy escape, they take on ugly character traits and leak out. They come out as angry, fearful, restless, and confused words.

They come out as words we don’t really mean, and often regret.

Words, whether spoken or thought, direct our entire life. And if we long to do anything of great value with our lives, or be anyone who leaves a legacy, it is vitally important that we know what words are going through our minds.

Writing gets the real stuff out and onto paper where we can stare it in the face. We need to know what we are really looking at before we can change it or unwrap it.

Writing is by far the best way I know of to get inside your own head and heart and figure out who you are and why you are here. It is the most exciting adventure you will ever embark on!

Question: Do you write? How has it changed your life? 

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Leadership insights: 3 takeaways from #GLS14

photo (3)
Claudia and me with our friends Meredith and Tim

Recently, Claudia and I attended the Global Leadership Summit with our friends, Tim and Meredith Brunk. It was a wonderful two-day leadership conference filled with great speakers like Bill Hybels, Susan Cain, Tyler Perry, and Jeffrey Immelt, to name a few.

As I was reviewing my notes, I asked myself what my main takeaways were and, perhaps more importantly, what actions I was going to take on them.

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A worry box – A great strategy for banishing worry

photo (2)

Worry. We all know it zaps our energy, creativity, and resourcefulness, but we often feel helpless to do anything about it. Without taking action, however, worry can grow into an all consuming fog of anxiety and fear.

Personally, I’ve seen triggers that cause me to worry. There are certain situations in my business, for example, that whenever they come up, worry seems to set in like a plague. I get super negative and think worst case scenario – almost immediately.

Thankfully, I have a new practice that has been making a big difference.

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How to remember someone’s name – 10 tips and tricks


Remembering someone’s name is important. It builds trust and rapport and strengthens the relationship. But many people are not good at it, and maybe they’ve never been, so they don’t even try any more.

I know. This was my story for years.

Thankfully, I’ve gotten much better. What was missing was a simple strategy and a little practice.

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Risking owning it


We’ve all been giving gifts and abilities, thoughts and ideas. We’ve all been put here with a purpose.

But too many people just kind of go through life coasting along. Not believing they really have anything of significance to offer.

They think that they’re somehow second class. That those who are more successful have been given a greater purpose. There was a time I thought this way too.

But then I realized something interesting.

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How are you talking about that thing you’re doing?


Not long ago, one of the pastors from our church stopped by to see us and pray for our new baby girl, Evelina. As we were talking, he was telling us about a project he and his family have been working on.

They call it Jesse’s Jar. The project helps children and families affected with special needs by selling quality products which are creatively packaged in Mason jars!

What I loved about our conversation was how he talked about his project. He was very excited and it was clear that he had a real vision for what they were doing.

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Here’s where success starts (with 3 action items)


Recently, I was listening to an interview with Hal Elrod, author of Miracle Morning. He talked about clarity and how it’s the foundation for all success.

“Clarity is the starting place of all success. And if you think of it, that would mean that extraordinary success requires extraordinary clarity. The problem is, most people go through life with a very mediocre level of clarity regarding specifically what they want for their lives.” – Hal Elrod

It’s just like my mentor, Dan Miller, says how 85% of the process of success is looking inward.

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6 things I learned from the birth of our 2nd child

Evelina Pearl Good

This past Monday morning, Claudia and I welcomed our new baby daughter into this world, Evelina Pearl Good. A 9 lb 2 oz bundle of pure joy!

The birth of a baby is an exciting time. Sure, it’s a bit of an adjustment having a newborn to take care of and going from a family of 3 to 4, but we couldn’t be more thrilled!

There are lots of things to learn from the birth of a child, but today I wanted to share six with you that stood out to me. Here they are:

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Baby Good and new posting schedule

photo 2

As I write this post baby #2 is due any day. It has been quite a wild ride this time around with moving, and pregnancy, and a 2 year old. But Michael and I sat in our beautiful yard this afternoon and reveled in the fullness of where we are at in life.

It is wild and wonderful and we have never been more thankful to be on the journey together.

Jack Canfield was quoted as saying “If you want the fastest road to success, get married, start a family, and start a business.” Check, check, and check!

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