The Shy Creative

Why are you so shy of your art (that thing that you care about)?

Shy of claiming it’s brilliance and impact, unwilling to admit that it BURNS in you and LONGS to be taken seriously.

It’s a HOBBY, a side venture (at least this is the story we tell the world).

What a sad lie to believe.

There is creative in you just as there is blood in your veins and the thing you CARE about LONGS to be explored and lived out!

It wants to be a habit, not a MUSE. It longs to flow and keep flowing, and the more it is allowed to flow, the more it multiplies.

Creativity never runs out, it only increases, for creativity itself, creates.


On the journey with you!


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A Story of Two Obituaries

A white haired woman sits hunched over a desk holding two pieces of paper. Her breath is labored, her heart beats fast, too fast. Her time is near.

My Obituary #1, and My Obituary #2 are scribbled in black ink on the pages which lay flat on the desk before her.

Her hands shake as she picks up her pen and begins writing.

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One of the Best Questions I’ve Ever Heard

So much clarity is gained when we ask great questions.

Here’s a really awesome one (I heard it here)…


This question can be applied to different areas of life, but let’s apply it to that brave thing you are thinking about doing. If you could answer this question, would it give you more clarity and confidence?

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A Picture of the Rant

painting by Claudia

The ranting that goes on in our heads whenever we do anything different or brave!

It’s never easy to fight the head game, but I’ve learned fear only needs a wave of hello, not our hearts, or our ideas.

You look, acknowledge, and then ignore and keep moving forward despite the tightening in your chest.

Brave is always better!

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A Market for Hope

Sometimes when we are looking, creating and building, we get more focused on what other people might like rather than what we are good at giving.

Since we can’t always predict what people will like, it’s better to simply offer what we are good at giving.

When we give from this place we are more likely to offer hope rather than just a hollow “how to….” And there is a huge market for hope!

Do you know what you are good at giving? How can you offer us hope in a way that both greets our humanness and helps us move forward?

“I’m human, you’re human, let me greet your humanness. Let’s be people together for a while.” Anne Lamott 

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Do it Afraid – Looking at the Fear That Plagues Us

I’m working on a new project, and everyday, even on a good day, I feel fear nagging at my belly and nibbling at my courage.

It jumbles my thoughts, and drifts my visions into the not so courageous category. Into Easier, less risky, guaranteed to please… and work.

Fear really brings a lot of clutter into our heads, have you noticed this? The stupid chatterbox just never shuts up!

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Two Lifechanging Words From Seth Godin

Years ago, I heard an interview with Seth Godin where he was talking about how to approach projects. He said two words that completely changed my life…

1. Simple

2. Scary

The idea he presented was this:

Keep your projects simple enough that you can get them off the ground quickly, but scary enough that you know you are doing brave work, work that matters.

I love this approach, especially since we don’t know if an idea (a brave idea) will work!

Simple allows us to keep moving forward because we haven’t invested years or millions, and scary keeps us humble and human.


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Every Fluff Flies

Dandelions are really, really good at spreading.

They each develop fluffy, irresistible heads that shatter into a thousand parachutes and waltz off into the wind. Perfectly suited for sailing on the breeze, they twist and swing until they reach earth again.

Predictably, not all of the fluffs land on dirt. Some get caught on screen doors, others land on wooden decks, get tangled in little girls’ ponytails, and crushed into pavement. But every fluff flies. None refuse for fear their flight might not be successful.

Surely there is a lesson here. How we could be fluffs, ready and willing to sail the breezes of our lives?

Remembering our words and thoughts spread. Our ideas give hope and courage. Our uniqueness gives perspective.

Some of our ideas might not work. They might land in water glasses, or birds nests, but sailing is still worth it. Waltzing in the wind gives us the wild courageous look we are all attracted to. We love the ones who are willing to fly. Why not be sailors ourselves?

What do you have inside you that needs to shatter and parachute on the breeze?

What can you offer that gives us hope and encouragement? Do you have knowledge, passion, or empathy?

We need you to fly!

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Whirlpool Nautics

Life is full of whirlpools.

You know the feeling.

Life’s waters spin and we get twisted and twirled.

A new baby, a move, a death, a new job, an illness etc. Life starts rotating at an incredible speed and when the water finally settles we can feel exhausted, waterlogged, and groggy.

We often find ourselves washed up on a new shoreline wondering,”What just happened?” and “Where was I headed before this crazy season began?” Continue reading

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Who Do You SEE?

When you look in the mirror, WHO do you SEE?

Do you see someone who is confident and excited about the life ahead of you? Or do you see someone who is tired, discouraged, frustrated, and angry?

Do you see a man who hurts people and scars friendships ?

Do you see a woman who always makes the wrong decisions?

A boy who is too sensitive?

A girl who is ugly?

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