7 podcasts I listen to every week


I love podcasts. They were the main thing that set my life on the course that I’m now on – living more intentionally, big dreams and goals, personal growth, and entrepreneurship.

While I find myself listening to fewer podcasts and reading and listening to more books than a few years ago, I still love podcasts and listen to them regularly.

Over the past few years, podcasting has really exploded and there are more to choose from than ever which is great. That being said, I still come back to the same handful of podcasts each week even as I try new ones out.

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A really simple way to stop worrying


Most of us view worry as something that can’t be helped. After all, if there wasn’t so much to worry about, we wouldn’t need to worry so much. Right?

Well, let’s take a closer look at this…

Simply put, worry can be broken into two categories:

1. Things we have control over (or things we CAN do something about)

2. Things we don’t have control over (or things we CAN NOT do anything about)

Using these two categories, worry now becomes something we either choose to take action on (if you have control over it), or choose to let go of (if you don’t have control over it). The need for worry is then completely eliminated.

Looking at worry from this standpoint makes it so simple it is almost laughable!

I guess the bigger issue is what to do with all that quiet space in your mind when it is not bogged down with worry (most people are deathly afraid of that space because it means we actually have to face ourselves and who we have become).

End worry. Find space. Start becoming the person you actually want to be.

That sounds like a wonderful plan, if you ask me!

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5 reasons to play the hand you’ve been dealt


At times, I think we all wish that our circumstances were different. Perhaps we didn’t get the house we wanted, or our business isn’t doing as well as we hoped. It can be so easy to wish we had been dealt another hand in life.

Growing up, my family used to go to a cabin every year with my cousins. It was something I looked forward to all year. One of the things we did as we got older was play the card game Rook.

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I miss Zig Ziglar


When you are doing something different, it is so very encouraging to know and connect with other people who are doing different things as well. In fact, it is quite necessary if you intend to continue doing what you set out to do!

When we first set out to change our lives and start our own business, one of our greatest inspirations was Zig Ziglar. We listened to his audiobooks like crazy. This man had enthusiasm that was as contagious as the flu! You couldn’t help but smile while listening to his voice.

I would often find myself thinking, “Well, if Zig can keep doing what he is doing, than I can keep doing what I am doing!”

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This song will inspire you to move forward

Fears, doubts, and insecurities. We all have them. We have thoughts like, “I don’t know how it’s all going to work out.” Or, “What if I’m not good enough and can’t do it?” Or simply, “I just want to give up…”

It’s what we do with those emotions, those thoughts and voices that makes all the difference.

Do we let them paralyze us or scare us back into our shell?

Sadly, this is what most people do.

Today, I want to share a song with you that will inspire you to not be one of those people. Rather, be someone who moves forward in spite of your fears and doubts.

Here is the song (the lyrics are below):

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Help, my spouse is an entrepreneur!


Entrepreneurship and marriage. I find both to be awesome. Blending them together well, however, can be the tricky part.

I can’t tell you how many people we have met since jumping into the entrepreneurial world that struggle with this issue.

One spouse may be passionate about entrepreneurship and one isn’t, or the business is sucking all the time and the life right out of a marriage. Whatever the issues may be, this is obviously a hot topic and one that needs attention.

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You really give me no choice


Change makes us feel uncertain, uncomfortable, and sometimes frightened (especially big change). We’re creatures of habit and we like comfort, so most people either never make big changes, or put them off for years and years.

While I certainly haven’t made all the changes in life that I want to (who has?), I have recently been able to successfully make two major changes. Changes that scared the living daylights out of me!

They were: quitting my job to start a business and deciding to stop waiting for the “perfect time” to start a family.

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When you live a clear story, your life is inspiring


When you think of the most inspiring people that you know, they always had a clear story to tell. In other words, they had a clear sense of what they were doing with their life (at least at the moment), and where they were headed.

It has been re-affirmed to me over and over that it is not lack of opportunity that steals joy from life, but rather indecision with which direction to move.

Indecision causes one to approach life with a nervous twitch and an extra slow response time. “Will this decision hurt?” “Will I regret it?” “What if I choose the wrong thing?”

It can strip a day naked of its enjoyment, a life naked of fulfillment, and it is fully intent on ruining your life.

Indecision leads people in circles rather than lines.

It gifts people with an erratic way of moving through a day and a life. Darting this way and that, they end up jumping upon any distraction as if it were their last crumb of food. Afterall, distraction is a drug that numbs them and makes them forget, at least for that one moment, how lost they are.

“When a person can’t find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure.” Viktor Frankl

So, how do we avoid indecision and live a clear story so our lives can be inspiring? Here are some things I have learned along our journey.

1. Get to know yourself - Study how you were created to function, and when you are functioning at your best. (I figured this out by taking the DISC personality profile and the Strengthsfinder test and by journaling and writing A LOT.)

2. Figure out what you really enjoy doing - What makes time fly by for you? And start doing more of it.

3. Get clear on where you are going - Get yourself a life plan.

4. Pursue work you enjoy – Stop believing the lie that you can’t and shouldn’t pursue work you enjoy and do something fun with your life. Have the courage to let yourself dream again.

5. Give yourself time limits on making a decision  – 2 days to 2 weeks is all the time you need. Don’t let a decision drag on, this brings so much discouragement.

6. Start a blog - Make it public but you don’t have to advertise that it is public if you don’t want to. Write there every day for awhile. Let yourself process life through what you notice and think about. Writing will absolutely change your life.

7. Start a scary, simple project  – Do something that fulfills you and also helps other people in the process. (More info on scary, simple projects here.)

8. Stop overcomplicating things  – You can’t always see 10 steps in front of you. Start with something you enjoy and simply move on it, do something with it, the path opens as you step forward.

9. Read, read, read -  Let your mind explore new avenues of thought. This has changed my life more than anything else.

Overall, never forget that each of our lives have great purpose and the best lives/stories are the ones lived with passion, risk and adventure!

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Sometimes you have to let things go


Recently, I had the privilege of co-hosting a Starve The Doubts show with Jared Easley where we interviewed Chris Ducker on his new book, Virtual Freedom.

Chris shared some really great advice, much of which was centered around business and the importance of building a great team. This was a great reminder for me as I run my business.

But Chris also touched on how it’s important to “let things go.” This is such a great reminder and has many more applications than just business.

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A pallet bed reminds me to embrace my limitations


I think we let our limitations dictate what we view as possible way too often. For example, I want a new bed frame for our cramped bedroom which is engulfed by our mammoth bed, but our piggy bank has just coughed up its last penny.

So, what do I do? Sit and mope? Ok, that being tried already, what else do I do?

Since moving to a smaller place, we have needed to make multiple adjustments when it comes to stuff and space. Lots of stuff and big furniture does not fit well into small spaces. It makes one feel cramped.

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