7 podcasts I listen to every week


I love podcasts. They were the main thing that set my life on the course that I’m now on – living more intentionally, big dreams and goals, personal growth, and entrepreneurship.

While I find myself listening to fewer podcasts and reading and listening to more books than a few years ago, I still love podcasts and listen to them regularly.

Over the past few years, podcasting has really exploded and there are more to choose from than ever which is great. That being said, I still come back to the same handful of podcasts each week even as I try new ones out.

Here are 7 of the podcasts I listen to each week:

1. Parenting on Purpose Podcast


This is a parenting podcast that Claudia and I have drawn lots of practical tips and inspiration from as we raise our son with a second child on the way.

The host, Dr. Bob Barnes, has an incredible way of communicating things and will regularly give examples of what exactly he’d do and say in different parenting scenarios.

This has been super helpful! I will frequently pause the podcast and write down how he worded something in one of his examples.

2. Accidental Creative Podcast


On this podcast, the host, Todd Henry, shares ideas on being prolific, brilliant, and healthy.

He talks about what it takes to be a creative – one who turns ideas into value.

Lot’s of great stuff. Grab a pencil and paper and take notes!


3. This Is Your Life Podcast


This is a podcast by Michael Hyatt where he talks about living intentionally, leadership, and building a personal platform.

Listening to this podcast has given me the confidence to take what I do seriously (both personally and professionally) and has helped me believe that what I do matters.



4. Smart Passive Income Podcast


This podcast is all online business. The host, Pat Flynn, has dubbed himself the “crash test dummy” of online business, sharing what works (and what doesn’t) so others know exactly how to build their businesses better.

Pat is a super generous guy in terms of the amount of free content and information he gives away.

And even though my main business, a music school, is a local business, I’ve been able to apply a ton of stuff from this show!

5. 48 Days Podcast


This is one of the first podcasts I stumbled upon almost three years ago. Since then, I hardly missed an episode. It’s that good!

Dan’s encouragement, perspective, and take of business and life have been instrumental along my own journey.

He and his wife, Joanne, are incredible people and it’s been a real privilege to get to know them more personally over the past few years.


6. Read to Lead Podcast


On this podcast, the host, Jeff Brown, interviews authors on their latest book and their area of expertise such personal growth, leadership, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

The premise of this podcast is that consistent and intentional reading is a must to succeed in business and in life.

I couldn’t agree more!


7. Starve the Doubts Podcast


On this podcast, Jared Easley shares how successful entrepreneurs and high achievers overcome self-doubt and build the business of their dreams.

Jared has become a friend and I have even had the pleasure of co-hosting a show with him not too long ago.

He has a creative spin on interviewing his guests which I really enjoy.

Podcasts continue to be a great source of inspiration and ideas for me. These seven are some of the main ones that I keep coming back to again and again.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, share your favorites in the comments. I’d love to hear what you’re listening to.

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  • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

    I’ve got a whole host of podcasts that I listen to. A large number of them are on your list but yet there are others…

    Free Agent Uprising
    Internet Business Mastery
    Blogging Your Passion

    • http://rise365.com/ Michael Good

      Nice, Joe. I love Kevin’s Free Agent Uprising show as well. And I didn’t know CopyBlogger had a podcast. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!

      • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

        It’s great. They’re calling their podcast The Lede. Really good stuff coming out of it right now.

    • http://readtoleadpodcast.com/ Jeff Brown

      Great additions Joe!

    • http://JasonandChelsea.com Jason and Chelsea White

      Thanks @jmlalonde:disqus for the “Blogging Your Passion” suggestion. Have you listened to @jeffgoins:disqus’ “The Portfolio Life” Podcast?

  • Donna Yates

    Sounds like a great list. I’ll have to give them a try. Thought I’d share I just became a first time grandma to little Ariya Rhea, born April 10. She is healthy and beautiful (of course)! I know you guys are looking forward to your new little one soon.

    • http://rise365.com/ Michael Good

      Wow, congrats Donna! That’s wonderful. Yep, we’re expecting our little girl in about 5 weeks!

  • http://www.liveitforward.com/ Kent Julian

    Several of these are on my list as well. BTW…what about Entrepreneur On Fire? 7 podcasts a week. Even if you only listen to one, you’ll get to pick the one that’s most interesting to you.

    Additionally, the Live It Forward podcast is launching soon. I hope when that happens there will be 8 podcasts you listen to every week :)

    • http://rise365.com/ Michael Good

      Kent, that’s great to hear about the Live It Forward podcast! Looking forward to it. And I love what John Dumas is doing at Entrepreneur On Fire. For some reason, I don’t listen to his quite as often as some of the others though.

    • http://readtoleadpodcast.com/ Jeff Brown

      Excited to learn you’re entering the podcasting fray Kent. Let me know if I can help in any way.

      • http://www.liveitforward.com/ Kent Julian

        Thanks Jeff. I will!

    • http://JasonandChelsea.com Jason and Chelsea White

      Have you gone live yet @kentjulian:disqus?

      • http://www.liveitforward.com/ Kent Julian

        Not yet…going thru Cliff Ravenscraft A-to-Z in June.

        • http://JasonandChelsea.com Jason and Chelsea White

          Look forward to it.

  • http://readtoleadpodcast.com/ Jeff Brown

    Wow, thank you Michael. This is an awesome group to be in. I really appreciate the inclusion. I listen to all of these myself except the first one (I’m not a parent). Thanks again!

    • http://rise365.com/ Michael Good

      For sure, Jeff. The Read To Lead Podcast is well deserving of being here. :-)

  • http://JasonandChelsea.com Jason and Chelsea White

    Already listening to 4 out of the 7, and plan to add the others to my list. Thanks @Michael_Good:disqus!

    • http://rise365.com/ Michael Good

      Nice! Do you have any favorites that aren’t on this list?